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Sectional title misunderstandings can cause problems

21 Jul 2017

Sectional title owners are often misinformed about where their responsibilities end and those of the body corporate start.

To understand the situation facing most sectional title owners, it is necessary, says Alexander, to realize that there are three types of se...

The complexity of selling a sectional title property

20 Jul 2017

It's a natural assumption that selling a sectional title property will be easier than having bought it, but this is not necessarily the case.

Selling a sectional title apartment has its own unique set of complex requirements, says Sandy Geffen of Lew Geffen Soth...

Why you need customer experience management

19 Jul 2017

Customer experience management (CEM) utilises user experience, customer satisfaction and value-add and will be the next 'big thing' for businesses looking to exploit multiple channels of communication that link the customer.

Bernice Houston, sales and marketing m...